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P C Jensen Files

P C Jensen maintained files of biographical and professional data on many United Evangelical Lutheran Church pastors. This content is organized alphabetically by surname of each pastor. Entries may have one or more sub-folders containing additional information which is not part of the P C Jensen collection (including those noted as 'not PCJ' and the top directory level).
 Title   Type 
Goldbeck, William Folder
Grill, Ernst Theophilus Folder
Grill, Gudmund E (not PCJ) Folder
Gundesen, Jens C (not PCJ) Folder
Gydesen, Lars Moller (not PCJ) Folder
Hagedorn, Marinus Christensen (not PCJ) Folder
Haleen, Hyron J (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Allen D Folder
Hansen, Allison Ainsworth Folder
Hansen, Anders Folder
Hansen, Anders Peter Folder
Hansen, Anthon Folder
Hansen, Atlef Johannes Folder
Hansen, Carl T Folder
Hansen, Christian Folder
Hansen, Cornelius Chresten (Kristen) Folder
Hansen, Daniel C (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Donald T Folder
Hansen, Edward Albert Folder
Hansen, Edwin (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Erik Folder
Hansen, Frederik Christian Marinus Folder
Hansen, Hans (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Hans Marius Folder
Hansen, Hans Peter Kristian Folder
Hansen, Henry M Folder
Hansen, Henry Nels Folder
Hansen, Ivar Marius Folder
Hansen, Karl M (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Laurits Christian Folder
Hansen, Mads Christian Rohe Folder
Hansen, Niels (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Niels B Folder
Hansen, Peder Lauritz Christian (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Robert Neil Folder
Hansen, Robert P (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Roland H (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Samuel Jakob Folder
Hansen, Stanley (not PCJ) Folder
Hansen, Theodore Marcus Folder
Hansen, Thorvald Alfred Folder
Hanson, Cleo D (not PCJ) Folder
Hanson, Clifford (not PCJ) Folder
Hanson, Norlan Lewis Folder
Hanson, William James Folder
Hauge, Peder Folder
Henningsen, Thorvald Marius Folder
Highby, Franklin (not PCJ) Folder
Hjortsvang, Engle A (not PCJ) Folder
Hoeger, August J (not PCJ) Folder
Hofgaard, Arthur Folder
Hogild, Mads (not PCJ) Folder
Holm, Nicolai Viggo (not PCJ) Folder
Holm-Jensen, Paul Henry Folder
Hougaard, Julius Kristian (not PCJ) Folder
Husted-Christensen, Axel (not PCJ) Folder
Inadomi, Hajime Folder
Iversen, Henry Folder
Jacobsen, Frederik Folder
Jacobsen, Jack Ellsworth Folder
Jens Jensen (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Alfred Folder
Jensen, Anders Hansen Folder
Jensen, Anker Morris Folder
Jensen, Christian Hansen (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Clarence Folder
Jensen, Frederik V Folder
Jensen, Gilbert (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, H P (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Hans P (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Harald Curtis Folder
Jensen, Herman Laurits Folder
Jensen, Jens Kristian Folder
Jensen, Jens Peter 1870-1944 Folder
Jensen, Jens Peter 1871-1908 Folder
Jensen, John Martin Folder
Jensen, Knud Rasmussen Folder
Jensen, Lars Folder
Jensen, Martin Theodore (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Martinus (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Niels (duplicate PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Niels Clemen (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Peder Christian Folder
Jensen, Richard (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Ronald (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Russell (not PCJ) Folder
Jensen, Theodore Ingwald Folder
Jensen-Gyde, A H (not PCJ) Folder
Jeppesen, Christen Folder
Jersild, Hans Christian Folder
Jersild, Jens N Folder
Jersild, Paul (not PCJ) Folder
Jersild, Thomas N Folder
Johansen, Immanuel Folder
Johansen, William Viggo Folder
Johnsen, Louis Folder
Johnsen, Paul (not PCJ) Folder
Johnsen, Søren (not PCJ) Folder
Johnson, David (not PCJ) Folder
Johnson, Oscar E (not PCJ) Folder