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Old deaths not Blair Cemetery from Old Files

These appear to be from Einar Vig's early 'working' files that served as the basis for his later lists. This list is of deaths occurring in Washington County (not Blair). Persons not appearing in other lists or whose burials are not known might possibly be listed here. Some of these were written on the backs of earlier "family sheets", as can be seen when paging through them.
 Title   Type 
Image vig-11757.jpg Image
Image vig-11758.jpg Image
Image vig-11759.jpg Image
Image vig-11760.jpg Image
Image vig-11761.jpg Image
Image vig-11762.jpg Image
Image vig-11763.jpg Image
Image vig-11764.jpg Image
Image vig-11765.jpg Image
Image vig-11766.jpg Image
Image vig-11767.jpg Image